Popular American Actress, Keke Palmer Consoles Nadia Nakai – ‘Time Heals’

Popular American Actress, Keke Palmer Consoles Nadia Nakai – ‘Time Heals’

Nadia Nakai was consoled by American actress Keke Palmer on Tuesday, 21 March, when the rapper paid tribute to her late boyfriend Kiernan “AKA” Forbes, who died on 10 February.

Keke Palmer, an American Emmy Award-winning actress, commented on Nadia Nakai’s post, which was a tribute to her love, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes.

Palmer commented: “I’m so so so sorry. Time heals everything and sometimes that isn’t what we want to hear or what we WANT. Holding on to even the pain sometimes means holding on to the memories and the good times that you really don’t want to forget or accept only now can live in your past. But God will see you through no matter what, so feel all the feels.”

The mother of one added that AKA is always with Nakai and it’s only here in her earthly dimension where she feels she can be separated from his love”.

“The truth is, our love(s) can never leave us. Even when they are no longer here with us on earth and we can’t see them, they are still around and live through us. You will learn the new way to love him,” she added.

The talented rapper Nadia Nakai has been mourning her boyfriend, slain rapper AKA, via social media since he was shot dead outside of Wish restaurant on Florida Road, Durban on 10 February, along with his friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane.

the rapper’s post read: “Sometimes I wish I never experienced your love. I wish that you were just an acquaintance and I could say “Oh Supa Mega passed away, what a loss for the game”. If I didn’t love you, maybe it would be easier to continue my life without you. Now, because I had been loved by you, it’s just so hard. I have this hole in my heart that won’t let up.”

“The world just doesn’t feel the same. I try to hold onto to my memories of when I was happy before you, maybe if I remember how it was before, I could be like that again. But everything doesn’t feel real. I don’t know if seeing you every day on social media is better or worse, I don’t know if reading our messages is healing or not.”

“I know I need to get out of my house soon, and I know the people that continue to hold me down, will be there for me, thank you, But I just feel like I’ll never be ready. What is my life going to look like now? time heals all, but time really takes its time, and I don’t know when I’ll ever be fine. 💔,” she added.


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