NECO Geography Practical Questions and Answers 2022 (Expo Runz)

Free NECO Geography Questions and Answers 2022 are now available for the May/June 2022 exam period. NECO Geography 2022 Questions and Answers for Theory and Objective is 100% legit and verified. Our NECO Geography 2022 Expo Answers will help you have a good 2022 Geography NECO result.  The material for NECO Geography questions 2022 will be released on this page for both theory and OBJ answers 2022.

NECO Geography Questions and Answers 2022

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You’ll also learn how to answer NECO Geography questions 2022 and how they are set. The National Examinations Council is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination and the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January respectively.


The texture of a rock is the size, shape, and arrangement of the grains (for sedimentary rocks) or crystals (for igneous and metamorphic rocks. Example includes: basalt, andesite and rhyolite.

The structure of an igneous rock is normally taken to comprise the mutual relationships of mineral or mineral-glass aggregates that have contrasting textures, along with layering, fractures, and other larger-scale features that transect or bound such aggregates.

(iii) Colour: Color index is an indicator of the types of minerals present, and the specific type of rock. The color index of an igneous rock is a measure of the ratio of dark colored, or mafic, minerals to light colored, or felsic, minerals.

– Plutonic rocks are formed when magma cools and solidifies underground.
– It cools at a very slow rate and may take thousands or millions of years to solidify.

– Volcanic rocks are formed from lava that flows on the surface of the Earth and other planets and then cools and solidifies.
– It doesn’t cool at a very slow rate and it doesn’t take thousands or millions of years to solidify.

(i) Weather is the atmospheric over a condition of a place short period (days, weeks, hours, months).
(ii) Weather changes very often.
(iii) Weather cannot be generalized.

(i) Climate is the average condition of a place over a long period of time (35 years).
(ii) Climate does not change very often.
(iii) Climate can be generalized.




Environmental resources means any useful item in the environment or materials and substances that are useful to man.

[PICK ANY FOUR] (i) Atmospheric resources
(ii) Human resources
(iii) Mineral resources
(iv) Land resources
(v) Vegetation resources.

[PICK ANY TWO] (i) Forest resources such as timber products provide raw materials for the local industries e.g. furniture industry.
(ii) Forest resources provide herbs for pharmaceutical and herbal industries and clinics. They contribute positively to the health of the people.
(iii) Exportation of forest resources provide government with foreign exchange e.g. export of timber.
(iv) It helps various levels of government to generate revenue from taxes imposed on products and firms involved in the exploitation of forest resources.
(v) Grasslands provide food for livestock which serves as food for man.
(vi) Forest resources provide habitation for wild life and also help to promote tourism e.g. Yankari game reserve in Nigeria etc.


(i) It is cost effective and requires less manpower as it is tool-based.
(ii) It requires field study to interpret data into useful information

(i) It is a costly affair as the data is incurred from space and through sensors and satellites.
(ii) It reduces manual work and ground field study.

(i) In Telecommunication: Satellite remote sensing have been found to be more useful and relevant in telecommunication. The satellite remote sensing has made it possible for regional, national and international communication without being in direct contact with human beings.

(ii) In Transportation: The availability of high resolution commercial remote sensing has contributed to a revolution to the transport network. The satellite remote sensing is useful to transportation, it helps to improve the trafficability of the roads and also contributed greatly in the movement of aero planes, jets and even seen beyond the bonds of human eye sight.

(i) Inadequate Power
(ii) Inadequate Personnel
(iii) Inadequate Personnel
(iv) Inadequate capital

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