After attempting to enter their home through the front door, a man shoots and kills his daughter’s ex-boyfriend, 22, who was 22. (video)

Man shoot and kill his daughter

As the man attempted to break into the family’s home, a father shot and killed his daughter’s ex-boyfriend, as seen on video.


Allyson Duckro’s home is located at 2907 N. Kuther Road, and James Rayl, 22, tried to break through the front door.

The Ring camera footage recorded on July 31, at 11 a.m. shows the man standing in front of the door while ringing the bell repeatedly.


Rayl opens the screen door and tries the handle, then throws his body against the door.


Man shoot and kill his daughter


The voice heard in the recording on the other side is Mitchell Duckro, Allyson’s father, who warns Rayl to stop.


“I’ve got a gun,” he warns, but the jilted boyfriend keeps on banging at the door.


He eventually throws his shoulder into it, busting the deadbolt lock and opening the door a few inches.


That’s when the dad fires three rounds, hitting Rayl in the left shoulder, right shoulder and back.


Rayl stumbles back down the front walkway and collapses around the corner of the house in front of the garage door.


Man shoot and kill his daughter



Several minutes later, a neighbor Jeffery Hereford appears in the frame walking across the Duckro’s front lawn, saying. “Don’t shoot me.”


The neighbor then says, “He ain’t got no gun.”


On the 911 call obtained by WHIOTV 7 News, Allyson Duckro can be heard reassuring her father after the shooting.


“Dad, there’s nothing you could have done, you saved my life,” she said.


Allyson had broken it off with Rayl a year and a half before his fatal house call, but had called and left a voicemail the night before.


About eight minutes later, Shelby County Sherriff officers arrive, but by then Rayl is dead.


Hereford doesn’t agree with the grand jury decision not to charge Mitchell Duckro.


“If he entered the house, why did he shoot through the door,” Hereford says.


The video footage, the 911 call, the voicemail and other evidence was presented to a Shelby County grand jury, which voted 8 to 1 not to indict Mitchell Duckro based on Ohio’s “Stand Your Ground” and “Castel Doctrine” laws that allows homeowners to use lethal force when threatened.


“Several tips, including tips provided by Mr. Rayl’s family, were investigated by the Sheriff’s Office during the week, and no new information was found,” Shelby County Sheriff Jim Frye said in a statement.


Rayl’s family do not agree with the decision not to prosecute.


His sister, Jessica Marie Colbert, says that her brother had no malice intended that day and should not have been killed.


She wrote on Facebook: “Mitch Duckro shot him in the back and killed him. I hope your days are more miserable than they’ve ever been. You’re a disgusting excuse of a human being along with your daughter.”


Watch the video of the shooting below.



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