After a customary wedding in Enugu, a picture of the deceased groom is shown with five relatives.

Photo of groom who died alongside five relatives after traditional wedding in Enugu

Eight victims are being treated in the hospital, including the wife, sister, and mother of a groom who died in Enugu State along with five other people.


Following his customary wedding, the groom, Obinna Dieke, and five of his relatives passed away on August 27 in Eka Utara, an Adani community in the state’s Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area.

The Makurdi, Benue State based businessman, and his relatives returned from the ceremony held in the bride’s home in Obollor-Eke, Udenu Local Government Area of Enugu State on Friday, August 26, and continued with the celebration when they returned to Adani.


The following morning, they were all found unconscious in a room with foamy discharge from their mouths.

Sources in the community suspect that the victims died of carbon monoxide inhaled from a power generator, which was brought onto the veranda of a house where the victims stayed while it was raining after they returned from the wedding ceremony.

Speaking to BBC Pidgin, Chinedu Dieke, the younger brother of the groom, said that their in-law, Joseph Ogbonna, and his two sons, Chijindu, and Obinna also died in the tragic incident.

Chinedu said his late brother’s bride, Nebechi, his sister, Goodness and mother of Chijindu and Obinna, are among those receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital in the community.

He also said their mother (groom’s mother) is hospitalised but responding to treatment.

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