A man warns POS employees about fraudsters’ deceptive tactics used to defraud them (video)

Man alerts POS operators of disingenuous method employed by fraudsters to cheat them (video)

A guy has warned the public about a technique used by dishonest people to swindle other people.


The man explained that con artists now give recipients insufficient payments while tricking them into thinking they have received the full amount when they count it.

He used a wad of N1,000 Naira notes as an example.


In the video, the man counted the money and it was N18,000 Naira on one end. When he turned the cash over and counted from the other end, it was only N9,000.


He then separated the cash to show that torn notes were attached midway so that the money appeared to be more when counting from one side.


He advised people to always turn their money over after counting to confirm that it is indeed complete.


Watch the video below….



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