Watch Out: Could Jacob Zuma And Laconco Be Back Together?

Watch Out: Could Jacob Zuma And Laconco Be Back Together?

Is Jacob Zuma reuniting with his ex-mistress Laconco? That is the question on many South Africans’ minds after the two were spotted almost hand in hand at a function.

They haven’t appeared in public together in a long time. It was even more intriguing to be seen holding hands in public. Could they be attempting to communicate with the rest of the world? There are many questions, but there are no answers as of yet. So MZansi is keeping an eye on things and speculating on what might be going on.

Zuma and Laconco were together for a while and then they announced their split for the world to know. And they both moved on. By then, Laconco already had a child for the former president. She became a part of the reality show Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) soon after.

Well, what could be the message now that they have been seen together again getting cosy in public? While they have not addressed the current rumours, it surely wouldn’t be long before the world knows what is really going on. You can check them out below.


Well, keep your eyes peeled for them.

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