Video Post By Gogo Maweni As She Strolls By A Graveyard

Video Post By Gogo Maweni As She Strolls By A Graveyard

Makgotso Lee-Anne Mokopo, also known as Gogo Maweni of Izangoma Zodumo fame, stunned her followers on TikTok last month when she posted a video of herself walking around a gravesite past midnight and saying it soothes her.

Gogo Maweni continues to frighten her fans. At 02:52 AM, she recorded herself strolling through a cemetery.

Gogo Maweni records her path as she walks past newer and older graves in the one-minute and forty-two-second video.

Gogo Wameni captioned the photo,

“Northside chilling ❤️ I love graveyards PEACE!”

The spooky scenes gained her thousands of views and likes.

Gogo Maweni recently had her follower’s tongues wagging when she shared a clip cuddling her snakes and a giant python, KayaFM reported.

After watching the clip, netizens shared what they thought of Gogo Waweni’s latest stunt and were convinced that whatever she was doing at the gravesite had to be linked to witchcraft.



Gogo Maweni

“Graveyard peace? With so many spirits in there,” Ms Joypza wrote.

“There’s something spooky about the person walking,” Thato Hlobo replied.

“Why is the person taking the video sound like he is wearing chains mo maotong 😳😳😳 I’m getting tokoloshi vibes,” BarvieZee101 commented.

“Of all places…You just chose the graveyard at this time. No, ikhono into eOff [there’s something off about this],” user7678347129736 wrote.

“The only thing you can do at the cemetery at that time is witchcraft 🙁,” user4110265033887 commented.

“What I know is that they hunt at night, looking for the tombstone zabantu aba [of people that are] rich [to do witchcraft] ukuthwala,” madanmaps shared.

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