Video: Gemma Fassie Unaware Of Her Blood Relation To Brenda Fassie

The video of Gemma Fassie Unaware Of Her Blood Relation To Brenda Fassie goes viral.

Gemma, the viral singing sensation, has revealed how she is related to late legendary singer Brenda Fassie and her son Bongani.

Gemma Fassie, a singing sensation, has revealed that she was unaware she was related to late afropop icon Brenda Fassie.

Last year, social media was ablaze with the 23-year-angelic old’s voice after Brenda Fassie’s son Bongani Fassie shared a video of her singing.
Gemma revealed to Dr Keyes on Kaya 959 on Monday, 20 February, that she had no idea she was related to the Vul’indlela hitmaker.

“Brenda was my grandfather’s sister, so Bongani is my uncle,” she said in her interview.

She explained that she’s not a fan of watching herself sing, so when she started getting comments on social media after posting it, she deleted it.

“I don’t like watching myself sing but I posted it again. Bongani surprised me and reposted it,” she said.


When the video went viral, the vocalist said that she received several comments about her beautiful and er resemblance to Brenda. The Weekend Special songstress passed away in 2004 when Gemma was six years old.

In addition, the aspiring star shared that at first she called herself just Gemma and Gem, but later added her real surname Fassie after a friend encouraged her to own the surname because it is powerful.

“I need to understand the intensity of the surname and looking like Brenda, I can’t see it, but I get people. I have seen her pictures, but is it really like that?”

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