Update: Nota Baloyi Takes His Words Back Against Don Design

The famous South African, Nota Baloyi has taken his words back Against his colleague, Don Design

Nota Baloyi has apologized for his comments about Don Design and has since shown the DJ some love.

The CCTV footage surfaced on social media hours after AKA was killed, and people including Baloyi insinuated that Don was involved in the rapper’s death.

Don was dragged and attacked on social media for days despite Forbes’ request that the public stop defaming him.

Nota abruptly returned to his Instagram stories and decided to be nice to Don Design.

“We love you Don Design,” he wrote.

He further stated that the musician didn’t pull the trigger.

“Don didn’t pull the trigger, Don didn’t order a hit, Don didn’t incite any revenge. Don was with AKA until the bitter end. He doesn’t deserve this shit … Megacy give the mastermind hell and wish the solid oaks well. The truth will come to light, the lion sleeps tonight,” he wrote.

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