The Nigerian streetsinger, Habeeb Okikiola popularly known as Portable has reportedly arrested his mechanic for filming and posting his wrecked G-Wagon without his permission.

The incident occurred after Portable miraculously escaped from a crash unharmed while driving his G-Wagon to the studio during a heavy rain shower on Wednesday. His mechanic, in a video that circulated on the internet, was seen advising the singer to sell his car.

While filming the wrecked car, the mechanic told the controversial singer to sell the car as scrap because of the level of damage done to it. Following the viral video, Portable reportedly arrested the mechanic for invasion of privacy.

The mechanic was captured in a video online, in what appeared to be a police station, where he was told his action was defamatory to the singer. The mechanic was told to apologize to the singer publicly, which he did.

In his apology, the mechanic claimed that he didn’t know the car belonged to the singer. He apologized to him for the inconvenience the video had caused him.

“A car was brought to my company for a repair and I gave my honest opinion based on what I saw. It has come to my knowledge that the car belongs to Zazuu, which is Portable. “Another thing is that I have been seeing videos flying around that was taken without my consent. I am using that opportunity to say, Zazuu we are sorry for any inconvenience the video has caused you”.

Watch the video below: