“Run my girl, run”- MReactions as Photo of Tyla and Chris Brown at her 22nd birthday party goes viral

“Run my girl, run”- Reactions as Photo of Tyla and Chris Brown at her 22nd birthday party goes viral

A few celebrities attended the birthday celebration that Grammy-nominated singer Tyla threw in Los Angeles.

An image of the Water hitmaker with Chris Brown, the singer of Under The Influence, has gone viral. The celebs appeared cosy in the picture, which was posted by X blogger @MDNnewss.

Fans of Tyla were not impressed with the photo, claiming it was of very poor quality. Many others never seemed to adjust their opinions—they still believed Tyla ought to runaway.

When Tyla and Chris were first seen together, it was in Paris, and Tyla performed a small dance for him.

Take a look at a few of the responses that were selected below:

@Zickiie_S joked: “They look like they are from Cape Town.”

@More_Kerr joked: “That’s where they say, ‘if he is a Brown, run my girl, run’.”

@miss_fine_wine lauded: “They actually look good together.”

Chris Brown added Tyla as his opening act for the Under The Influence Tour. Tyla hit several stages, such as Dublin, London, Birmingham, Zurich, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Manchester, and Glasgow, to name a few.

Thanking the rising star Chris Brown wrote on Instagram:

“THANK YOU @tyla for an amazing tour! had so much fun with you and your crew. AMAZING PEOPLE. Take over the world, shawty.”

Tyla said she had the best time and thanked him for everything.

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