Nigerian Comedian, Bovi Speaks On Losing His Mother, Reveals Who ‘Made Him’

Nigerian Comedian, Bovi Speaks On Losing His Mother, Reveals Who ‘Made Him’

The comic actor during a recent interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, said he thinks about her and every thing she taught him while growing up every day.

“I miss everything about my mum. It has been 6 years now, but I still think about her every day,” he said.

“There is something that will happen in a day that I will remember, that’s how I know how much impact she left.

“Everything I have become is because of her, she taught me how to read at a very young age, how to be compassionate, be very empathetic, she taught me to let go.”

Speaking about his relationship with his father, Bovi said it is “complicated” and not very “friendly.” adding that he  would like to raise his children differently from how he grew up under his dad.

“I grew up in a home, but we were not pals.  But over time, I have had the ability to study and know that you can never make anybody responsible for your happiness,” he said.

“Neither can you blame everybody for your misfortune, everybody will answer for themselves.

“I have grown to point where I am like, my Oldman was doing according to what he knows, probably if he knew more, things would have been different.

“It’s not like we were always fighting but I don’t want to raise my kids the way I grew up under my old man, so, I am trying to be different”.

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