Nadia Nakai Discloses The Last Chat She Had With AKA Before His Tragic Death

Nadia Nakai Discloses The Last Chat She Had With AKA Before His Tragic Death

South African rapper, Nadia Nakai  is still in mourning over the death of her late boyfriend, AKA. The news of his murder shocked the entire world, and it was an earth-shattering blow that left Nadia reeling with pain and heartbreak.

Nadia recently shared her last WhatsApp conversation with AKA on the night he died in her Instagram stories. AKA and Nadia exchanged well wishes as they prepared for their respective shows during the conversation. Nadia also asked AKA to send her the Mbuzi Freestyle from the Mass Country album. However, AKA was tragically murdered that same night, so he never got to respond to her message.

Nadia Nakai has been struggling to accept AKA’s death and finds it hard to accept that he is gone. In her Instagram post, she expressed her heartbreak over the fact that her messages were never delivered to AKA, stating, “The fact that these messages were never delivered because you were gone.”

It has been over a month since AKA’s death, and Nadia continues to mourn her loss, saying she wished someone could undo what had happened.

Nadia and AKA were known to be very much in love and had been together for a while before his untimely death. Their relationship was always in the public eye, and fans had grown to love the couple’s affection for each other. Nadia had always been vocal about her love for AKA, and his death has left her devastated.

The death of AKA, whose real name was Kiernan Forbes, has been a massive loss for the South African music industry. He was shot dead alongside his longtime friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane in Durban, South Africa. The assassination was carried out by a paid hitman, according to the police investigation.

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