Musa Mseleku Hits Favoritism Claims – “They Are All Equal”

Musa Mseleku Hts Favoritism Claims  “They Are All Equal”

A polygmaist and reality TV star, Musa Mseleku has denied that he favors one of his wives over another when it comes to attending events.

Musa Mseleku has four lovely wives: Macele Mseleku, Mayeni Mseleku, Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku, and Mangwabe Mseleku. He co-stars in the reality TV show “Uthando Nesthembu” with his wives, which documents their daily lives in a polygamous marriage.

Mseleku took to Instagram to clear the air after being chastised for always posting at events with his wife Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku. He explained why he always attends events with Thobile and denied any allegations of favoritism.

According to the polygamist, all his wives are equal. “There has been an ongoing outcry on social media saying I choose to go with MaKhumalo to most of the events, and that to me is very interesting because it means now you understand Isithembu is about equality … they are all equal and the same. Let us spread love to all of them.”


A number of fans commented on his post and defended Mseleku against trolls, while others pointed out that MaKhumalo is a good choice to go to events with because she is not uptight.

@pearlngobeni wrote, “We choose ma K because she carries herself GRACEFULLY and when she shows up she does it so well, she respects and honors invites soo much,we do not want to invite someone who will come and play Candy crush or just be Moody for no reason at an event,Ma K just brightens up the room wherever she is, this is just my take on this.”

@miss_zingie wrote, “When you go out, you want someone who is going to blend in with the vibe, someone who can hold a conversation and add her own intellect into the convo. You DONT want someone who is going to wanna be dropped off somewhere ekse because umuzi wakhe awukho egcekeni llike the other wives, or someone who cant wait to get home and play candy crush on her phone or someone who can’t wait to get home into bed and call it a night. No no buti, you want someone who is going to continue the convo with you on your way back home, you both talking about different people you met and meaningful conversations you had and possible business prospects, and the vibe continues home niyahleka kumnandi nje. #Makhumalo is that person”

@adoreirene commented “MaK or nothing😍😍the rest are too uptight let’s just be honest and they come across as full of themselves and somewhat rude so they can stay home it’s fine”

thecvqueen_2019 wrote “Ntate Mseleku, it’s not that you always choose Makhumalo. It’s that she is thee most outgoing. MaNgwabe openly said she would rather be in bed resting as she is always working and studying. MaYeni just started her own business. MaCele I personally think doesn’t like the glitz and glam. My opinion though. Thokozani.”

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