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Basic Information

Stage Name: Lesedi Kapinga
Real Name: Lesedi Alton Kapinga
Occupation: South African professional footballer
Date Of Birth/Age: 25 May 1995 
Place of Birth: Limpopo, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single

Lesedi Kapinga Biography

There was a dreamer but he learned to dream awake – to pursue what he believes in. And over time, he has been able to achieve most of his dreams. Meet Lesedi Kapinga, a South African footballer of Malawian origin.

Born in Limpopo by parents who had moved from Malawi, Lesedi’s interest in football caught fire pretty early. But he couldn’t wish himself into the best player out there, so he hit the pitch like everyone else.

Since making his debut he has continued to distinguish himself on the pitch and even earned the praise of Mamelodi Sundowns’ coach Rhulani Mokwena.


Kaoinga was born in 1995, which makes him 27 years at the time of writing. he will be 28 in May


How much does Lesedi Kapinga earn as part of the Brazilians? That’s one question fans have been throwing about but which the footballer would rather not dwell on. He is only out to entertain on the pitch – give football lovers a great time and push his team to the top of the league. So fans have been doing the talking, with his estimated salary being R150k.


in South Africa, the Golf GTI has great appeal among a section of the population, from music stars to football champs. It so happens that Lesedi Kapinga is one of the soccer stars who have an abiding love for the Golf GTI. It is unclear if he has other cars. But it is obvious he is in a position to acquire more than one car.


He who finds a wife finds… Well, from the look of things, the Mamelodi Sundowns player has not gotten a wife just yet. Last we check, he had only a girlfriend in Noluthando Mkhwanazi, In the first quarter of last year, the two had reportedly (vide News 24) gotten into a brawl at their home and the police had to be called in.

Net Worth

A person’s net worth is more like a metric of how much they have been able to acquire since they manifested on the material plane. Mamelodi Sundowns players are said to be among the top earners in the leagues in South Africa. And while Lesedi Kapinga’s earnings aren’t really clear, he is said to have a net worth of about $500k


Houses give clues about their owners, which is why many wealthy people stop at nothing to show their station in life through their cribs and why some might try to fake and claim to live where they don’t. Lesedi Kapinga lives in South Africa, where he plays professional football. But the exact details of his crib are just not out there.


Malawi is pretty close to South Africa, and history shows cross-migration between both countries. It turned out that Lesedi Kapinga couldn’t resist the migration bug. They are reportedly both from Malwai but emigrated to South Africa, where they had their son, who is today an accomplished soccer player.

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Interestingly, while his parents are Malawi, which should make him eligible to play for the Malawian national team, Lesedi made it clear in 2020 that he was only interested in playing for the South African national team (Bafana Bafana) at the moment.

Place Of Birth

Lesedi Kapinga was born in Limpopo, a northernmost province of South Africa named after the Limpopo River. He is known to have a great attachment to the province, which stands out for many things, including its splendid wildlife. Limpopo, which borders Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique, is home to the Kruger National Park.

Apart from that, Limpopo stands out as a key tourist destination, with its ancient mountains, magic and mysticism, as well as the warm hospitality.

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