Latest: Boohle Has Been Accused Of ‘Conditioning Black Kids To Be Groovists’

Boohle Has Been Accused Of ‘Conditioning Black Kids To Be Groovists’

The South African musician Boohle has been catching stray cats on Twitter after posting a video of herself dancing on stage with a group of fans that included a toddler no older than four years old. Because so many black South African teenagers are currently indulging in underage drinking and partying, many people commented on the video that she shouldn’t be perpetuating the idea of black children becoming great dancers and revelers.

Many concerned Twitter users pointed out that South African children are not performing academically at the same level as children in other parts of the world, an issue they say has arisen as a result of black parents’ preference for dancing and drinking.

It is no secret that South Africans enjoy dancing – both adults and children alike. A quick scroll through social media platforms such as TikTok will unveil hundreds if not thousands of videos of people doing one or the other dance challenge – more often than not, children themselves are also dancing along.

While many belive that dancing is harmless fun, others don’t agree.

According to some Twitter users, all the dancing is giving young children the wrong idea. Taking to the app, one user, @sihlestan231, accused Siyathandana singer Boohle of adding fuel to the fire by inviting children onto the stage with her.

This after Boohle shared a clip of herself dancing on stage with her fans, one of who looks around three years old. Responding to the clip, Sihle wrote:

“You’re teaching children the wrong things… black children are being conditioned to be the best majaivanes and groovists, no wonder we have a growing amount of teenaged [teenagers] who only care about alcohol and parties.”


While Boohle herself didn’t respond, a number of local Twitter users headed to the comment section to share their thoughts on the matter.

@D_Bhekza said:

“This is a conversation many are not ready for Sihle yaz!! We take things so lightly and yet such will have a lasting impression on the little ones. Jika majika, it’s all we know.”

@trillivn said:

“Didn’t agree with this when I saw it but after I saw kids in China learning how to produce electricity with water it hit me that our country is just backward.”

@jackinzerillo commented:

“Been saying this for ages young kids are being trained in groove culture from a young age then people act surprised when the same kids start drinking alcohol early.”

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