Breaking! Jub Jub Presenter Of Uyajola 9/9 Fired By Moja Love

Breaking! Jub Jub Presenter Of Uyajola 9/9 Fired By Moja Love

A South African rapper and presenter, Jub Jub,  is not having the best of times, having recently been fired from his position as host of the highly popular show Uyajola 99. He was reportedly asked to leave his position due to “bad behavior,” the specifics of which were not disclosed.

Uyajola 99 was a Moja Love show where Jub Jub presided for years. He was extremely popular in the role, and many South Africans believe he was the best choice. But he’s gone now, and many South Africans are left scratching their heads, wondering what happened.

According to a Moja Love employee, the station did not want to fire him at first but gave him the opportunity to apologise to a lady he was organising the Moruleng event with at the time, but he declined. So the station had no option but to boot him out.

His contract would expire on March 18, but the station wouldn’t be renewing it on expiration.

At the time of writing, the controversial media personality has not said anything about hisexit aspresenter of Uyajola 99. Bfore the current drama, he had been involved in seeveral controversies in the past and been called out for alleged rape

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