Actress Lizzy Gold: Why I want long-distance marriage

Actress Lizzy Gold: Why I want long-distance marriage

Veteran Nollywood actress Lizzy Gold Onuwaje has declared that she is still single because she prefers a long-distance marriage.

According to the 36-year-old mother of two, she likes the idea of marriage but doesn’t want to live together with a spouse.

The Warri-born thespian said a long-distance relationship helps create more fun in a relationship.

She stated this in a viral video message.

Lizzy Gold said: “I have been getting a lot of questions like, ‘Is she single? Is she married?’

“Now, I’m going to answer all your questions. I’ve never been married before. I’m single, and I’m a single mom. The reason I’m not yet married is not because I don’t like the word ‘marriage’. It’s because I’m taking my time and I love my space. So, if I must marry anybody, it has to be a distance relationship. I don’t think I’m very comfortable if I marry a man and every day I wake up, I see you on my bed, in my space. I will not be too comfortable.

“Sometimes, I believe distance relationships help create more fun in a relationship. It helps to make both partners miss themselves.

“That is why I’m not married currently. And it [marriage] is not really in my dictionary right now.”

She added that she has been celibate for four years and hopes to get married “when the time is right.”

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