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ALBUM: Buddynice – Rise

Enjoy and Update your music playlist with this wonderful album, which is coming from our well known music artist and songwriter, Buddynice titled Rise.

Famous and multi-talented music artist, and songwriter, Buddynice unveils another dazzling album  titled Rise.

This Brand new song is here on for your free streaming and Saving.

Riseis a  nice albumthat everyone needs to listening to and the song was disclose to the public in 2022 by the talented and amazing singer. It is well known that this artist has been recognized for his hard working towards making sure that he satisfy his fans with a new song locally and internationally.

Update your music collection with these captivating melodies, because this track is now ready on the for your fast downloads and return frequently to this excellent site to obtain the newest songs.

Tracklist Below:

  1. Buddynice – A Feeling (Intro)
  2. Buddynice – Own Your Crown (Radio & TV Edit) [feat. Lorraine Ditsebe]
  3. Buddynice – Black Man (feat. Mogomotsi Chosen & Roctonic SA)
  4. Buddynice – Read My Mind (Radio & Tv Edit) [feat. Tumie G & T Melody Strings]
  5. Buddynice – Rise (feat. Roctonic SA)
  6. Buddynice – We Can Make It
  7. Buddynice – On My Own (Go Deep)
  8. Buddynice – Kings (feat. Roctonic SA)
  9. Buddynice – Remarkable (Redemial Mix)
  10. Buddynice – 2am Again (feat. LaTique)
  11. Buddynice – Unconditional Love (feat. Mogomotsi Chosen & C-Moody)
  12. Buddynice – 56 Hours (feat. Tebu.Sonic)
  13. Buddynice – Don’t You Stop (feat. Roctonic SA)
  14. Buddynice – Wena Fela (feat. Mogomotsi Chosen)
  15. Buddynice – All My Life
  16. Buddynice – Danger (feat. Lucid Deep & Roctonic SA)
  17. Buddynice – All Worked Out (feat. T Melody Strings)
  18. Buddynice – Keep Moving
  19. Buddynice – Stay With Me (feat. Mogomotsi Chosen & Roctonic SA)
  20. Buddynice – The Ring
  21. Buddynice – Lava (feat. Nicky Deep)
  22. Buddynice – Manifest
  23. Buddynice – Move Your Body (feat. Salvador)
  24. Buddynice – I Love You (feat. Roctonic SA)
  25. Buddynice – Ride With Me (feat. Roctonic SA)
  26. Buddynice – Between Us (feat. Jason Scoble)
  27. Buddynice – Past,Present & Future (feat. LeJazz)
  28. Buddynice – Paramount (feat. Benne SA)
  29. Buddynice – Things Fall Apart (feat. Roctonic SA)
  30. Buddynice – Love Language
  31. Buddynice – Rise Again (feat. Roctonic SA)
  32. Buddynice – Layers Of Dawn (feat. Pushguy)
  33. Buddynice – Sorry (Redemial Mix)
  34. Buddynice – Runner (Roctonic SA Remix)
  35. Buddynice – I Need You
  36. Buddynice – Dark Synths (Redemial Mix)
  37. Buddynice – Own Your Crown (feat. Lorraine Ditsebe)
  38. Buddynice – Prayers (feat. Roctonic SA)
  39. Buddynice – Black Man (Instrumental) [feat. Mogomotsi Chosen & Roctonic SA]
  40. Buddynice – Black Man (Reprise) [feat. Mogomotsi Chosen & Roctonic SA]
  41. Buddynice – Read My Mind (Original Mix) [feat. Tumie G & T Melody Strings]
  42. Buddynice – Read My Mind (Instrumental) [feat. Tumie G & T Melody Strings]
  43. Buddynice – Read My Mind (Live Digital Audio) [feat. Tumie G & T Melody Strings]
  44. Buddynice – Humble Souls (feat. Roctonic SA)
  45. Buddynice – Good Time (feat. Roctonic SA)
  46. Buddynice – Forget About Your Love (feat. Roctonic SA)
  47. Buddynice – The Boss (feat. Salvador)
  48. Buddynice – Woman Miles (feat. Lucid Deep)
  49. Buddynice – Without You Under My body
  50. Buddynice – My Roots


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